Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has exploded in popularity over the past few years.  In particular, you'll see a plethora of people enjoying SUPs throughout the waters that surround Weston’s wannaB inn.  

SUP combines the paddling of kayaking or canoeing with the stand up positioning of surfing.  This provides you with a brand new way to approach and navigate the waterways.  Not only is this a fun activity but, it’s a great full body workout.Standup 2

3 Types of SUPs

1. Flat Water

These boards are a great way to begin paddling and are ideal for calm lakes and inlets.  The boards are usually longer and wider, which makes them very stable.

Best for: Beginners, calm lakes, and protected inlets.

2. Surf

Stand Up Paddleboard 1

Many people find surfing on a SUP easier than a regular surfboard because are already in the 

standing position when the wave arrives.  Surf SUP boards are a bit shorter than flat water boards, as well as being tapered and curved to help you ride the waves

Best for: Advanced SUP riders and surfers.

3. Inflatable

Inflatable boards are perfect for the paddleboarder that is always on the go.  The boards fit inside a carrying case and can be inflated quickly with a hand or electric air pump.  Because these boards inflate to a high pressure level, they feel much like a flat water board.

Best for: Beginner to advanced riders, travellers, or people with limited storage space.

Great Routes to Try:

The waters around Weston’s wannaB inn offer a great opportunity to explore many areas by SUP.  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Stump Pass State Park

Located right beside our property, you can explore beautiful Stump Pass and Whidden Key by SUP or kayak.  This route is ideal for beginners, and offers you an opportunity to spot dolphins, manatees, and many other fish species in the area.

  • Don Pedro Island Mangrove Tunnels & Beach

The mangrove tunnels are an incredible sight to be seen while at the wannaB inn.  Not only will you have an opportunity to see some incredible wild life but, the amazing tunnel leads to a hidden lagoon.

  • Palm Island/Coconut Canal

This awesome adventure is a nature lovers dream come true!  A variety of marine life, birds, and local plant life is in abundance on this trip.

SUP Rentals

Don’t own a SUP?  Don’t worry, there are plenty of service providers in the area.