What’s the one thing that comes to your mind when you think ‘vacation?’ Probably ‘relaxation,’ right? We don’t blame you. The lastBiking Article Image 2 thing anyone wants to think about when they’re planning a week off of work and responsibilities is exercise. If you want to take your time at the wannaBinn to just sit on the beach, maybe get some fishing in, or try your hand at Stand Up Paddle-boarding, then we say go for it! However, we also know that it’s possible to get some exercise in while you’re having fun on your time off. Biking is a fantastic way to see the areas surrounding the wannaBinn, while you squeeze in a little work out.

Staying Healthy

In addition to restricting harmful carbon emissions, the health benefits of riding a bike are pretty plainly understood. Through choosing to ride over drive you’ll:

  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improve joint mobility.
  • Improve posture and coordination.
  • Strengthen your bones.

Riding a bike has even shown to reduce stress levels, so not only is the activity good for your physical health, but it’ll go that extra mile towards bringing you into that vacation state of mind.

See the Sights!

With so many amenities just minutes away from the resort, biking makes a lot of sense as far as getting out to explore the Biking Article Image 1Manasota Key. Just five minutes away from the wannaBinn is a cluster of restaurants and eateries featuring: The Gulf View Grill, The Sandbar Tiki & Grille, and The Lock N’ Key, meaning you can make an afternoon of pedaling down for a guilt free meal.

There are plenty of other sites to check out in addition to the restaurants surrounding the wannaBinn. In an afternoon of riding, you’re liable to see Manasota Beach, Blind Pass Beach, and a plethora of beautifully designed houses for miles. If you’re the sight-seeing type, then a day of biking around our resort won’t disappoint.

No Bike? No Problem!

If you didn’t bring your own bike, we’ve got you covered. We offer rentals on comfortable, single-speed bikes for our guests’ use. These “Earth Cruisers” are available for $20.00 a day or $80.00 for the full week, so if you’re planning on getting a lot of two-wheeled exploring done, this option might be for you. Please note that our bikes cannot be ridden off-road. If you’re looking for specialty bikes on the more adventurous days, we recommend Real Bikes.

There are nearly endless opportunities for adventure and fun around the wannaBinn, and what better way to experience the amenities of the area, than first hand on a bicycle. Not only will choosing to ride a bike benefit the environment, but you’ll be benefiting your own health while maintaining a relaxed, vacation mindset. If you’re thinking of exploring the Manasota Key, then consider doing so on a bicycle. We don’t think you’ll regret it.