Manasota Key features four of the world's most beautiful beaches.  Here you will find nature undisturbed.  Sea turtles nesting on the beach, protected by the local sea patrol, osprey, great blue herons and other sea birds posing in the sand. 
Stump Pass State ParkStmpPass Park1
At the southern end of the key is Stump Pass State Park.  Whether you arrive by boat or you walk down to the pass, the beauty of the end of the Key cannot be denied. Boaters anchor in the pass and float in the warm waters meeting with friends.  This is one of the purest miles of beach you will encounter in the State of Florida.  Visit the official Stump Pass State Park website.
Englewood Beach/Chadwick Park
Manasota Key straddles Sarasota and Charlotte Counties.  On the south is Charlotte County, and here one can visit Englewood Beach.  There is a small fee for parking.  Here you will find a short walk to the restaurants and shops on the Key.  Englewood Beach is a popular place with families and people of all ages enjoying seaside recreation.
Blind Pass
Manasota Key has one main artery that snakes through the beautiful heritage oaks and sea grapes.  As you make your way north from weston's wannaB inn, you can enjoy the beauty of the Canopy Road.  Blind Pass, which is just over the border in Sarasota County, is also known as Middle Beach.  It is a surprise that you encounter at a bend in the road.  Dunes and sea grasses waltz in the breeze as the surf crashes on the pristine shores of Blind Pass.  There are sanitary facilities, and a shower, but no life guard here.  No commercialism and very few buildings in site.
Manasota Beach
Also known as North Beach, Manasota Beach is another of Sarasota Counties beautiful beaches.  There is a lifeguard stand, sanitary facilities and miles of open, unspoiled beach to walk.  As with all of Manasota Key's beaches, the shell picking and bird watching are mesmerizing.  Often one can see dolphins playing just a few yards away from shore.  Surfcasting can be very fruitful, as the waters team with fish, but watch out for the blue heron... always ready to snatch your catch.

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